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 Some figures about the Entraide-Solidarity association

Supported projects

President message

[January 2015] Dear Friends, dear contributors,

Thank you so much for the support you have given to our Association Entraide-Solidarity. Thanks to you we have been able to give concrete help to so many people, here and elsewhere, who really needed it.  I’ve listed below some examples of what we managed to achieve thanks to your generosity.

24 hospital beds for Chad - A toy-lending library for Cameroon - Desks and chairs for students in India - Tickets for the school canteen

Thanks to you, in 2014 we have funded a dozen projects worldwide but also close to home, helping the most disadvantaged persons in Strasbourg or the region.

Our projects are concrete! No donation is made to large associations or humanitarian causes that are already well-established. All our projects are supported by current or retired Council of Europe staff members who are personally committed to humanitarian causes.

We have gained real momentum and thanks to you – goodwill is in the air! We need your help to continue Entraide-solidarity’s work for the benefit of those who, without us, often have nowhere else to turn.

Help us to fund these projects, all carefully selected and followed-up, by making a donation via this link
 A tax receipt will be issued to you in return.

With all our thanks on behalf of those who will benefit from your help and our warmest, most positive wishes for the New Year!

Anita van de Kar
President of Entraide-Solidarity Association

Desk and chairs for students in India, follow-up

[January 2015] February 2014, the Entraide-Solidarity association contributed to a project of the Association Jhamtse Switzerland for the funding of classroom equipment for a Tibetan orphanage school in Jhamtse Gatsal.

Helping children grow

[January 2015] In December 2014, the movement "Helping children grow", supported by the Staff Association and the Entraide-Solidarity association to help Moldovan children with cystic fibrosis, aimed to provide care kits for 59 children. After a donation and a Charity Gala, the amount collected allowed 54 children to benefit from this care kits.

To help them reach their target, the Entraide-Solidarity association paid the amount of € 838,32.

Viennese Ball

[June 2015] To mark the closing of a three-day celebration of the Congress of Vienna bicentennial, a Viennese Ball took place on 29 May 2015 at the Council of Europe premises.

On this occasion, the Amicale organised a raffle and a M&M's game for the profit of the Entraide-Solidarity association.

The sum of €689 which was raised will enable us to support future humanitarian projects. The Entraide-Solidarity association warmly thanks the partners and the participants who contributed to this event.

Glasses collect

[June 2015] Give your old glasses to those who need them.

Entraide-Solidarity supports the Association Lunettes sans Frontière (glasses without borders).

Since 1974, the volunteers of this association have collected 80,000 pairs of glasses a year, and distributed them to people in need in 90 countries on all continents, via clinics and optical dispensaries.

Lunettes sans Frontière seeks to collect, in good condition (no loose glasses, or empty frames):

  • prescription glasses
  • sun glasses
  • glass cases
  • hearing aids

The collection will take place in different buildings from 15 au 19 June as following:


  • Office B4.08.V, Anita van de Kar
  • Office A6.42.C, Maria Ochoa-Llido


  • Office MH1.101, Marianne Thébaud


  • Office 0.185A, Alice Eleuterio
  • Office 6.050, Delphine Weisshaupt


  • Office 40.052.402.4.E, Pavlina Snupikova

Entraide-Solidarity and Lunettes sans Frontière thank all staff members wishing to contribute to this action.

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Emergency Nepal, follow-up

[June 2015] Following the call for help in April 2015 by the SolHimal association for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, the Entraide-Solidarity association is happy to inform you that the sums collected amounted to €3000.

SolHimal will use this amount for a region in the North of Nepal where more than a hundred children from different villages still sleep under tents.

Entraide-Solidarity thanks all the generous donators and in particular the Amicale Femmes who donated €1500.

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Glasses collection (conclusion)

[June 2015] Thanks to your generosity, the glasses collection organised from 15 to 19 June for the Association Lunettes sans Frontières was a huge success with 10 boxes collected (that is to say an estimation of 800 to 1000 glasses) between the different buildings of the Council of Europe.

The Entraide-Solidarity association would like to thank all those who donated their glasses and cases. They will now be distributed to people in need in 90 countries on all continents, via clinics and optical dispensaries. 

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School garden in Burkina Faso

[June 2015] The N.O.A.M. association (new organisation of arts and crafts) asked the Entraide-Solidarity association for help to fund a project for the development of the Kossoghina primary school garden in Burkina Faso.

Besides the educational aspect, this school garden will be the source for one daily meal for the 185 pupils of this primary school.

The contribution made by Entraide-Solidarity amounted to €2,401.

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Chairs for an orphanage in Senegal

[August 2015] In 2011, a young retired construction worker from France decided to create the association "Le Cocon de Cabrousse" with the purpose to building, managing and developing an orphanage in Cabrousse, Senegal. Today, the orphanage hosts 32 children.

In order to make a contribution to this nice adventure, Entraide-Solidarity paid the sum of €610.89 corresponding to the purchase of 40 chairs.

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Art against Hunger 2015

[November 2015] The Entraide-Solidarity association supports the visual artists, illustrators, designers, of Arts against Hunger 2015 and invites you to an exhibition-auction Saturday 21 November at the Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR).



> More information

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Useful holidays

[December 2015] The association Mano a Mano has been organising "Useful holidays" for over 15 years; 2 months of outside school activities during the summer break dedicated to children from the slums of Ensenada, near Lima, Peru.

Each year, 150 children benefit from school support and workshops of architecture, landscaping, urban planning or engineering and literature.

To support this project, the Entraide-Solidarity association paid the sum of €1274 corresponding to logistics and hygiene costs.

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Renewal of support to St Joseph's Home for the Elderly in India

[December 2015] Since 2005, the Entraide-Solidarity association supported St Joseph's Home for the Elderly in Kaduthuruthy (Kerela, Southern India). This home for the elderly, founded in 2001, welcomes dozens of elderly people who find themselves with neither family nor financial means.

As previously, the Entraide-Solidarity association raised €1,000 for medicine for the home.

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