Our actions

Main aims and objectives

The association supports humanitarian projects in developing countries, underprivileged persons in emergency situations in the region and victims of natural disasters throughout the world. Projects are supported by staff and former staff members of the Council of Europe. Our financial contributions may cover all or part of the project costs.

Examples of our projects:

  • Cameroon: purchasing school equipment for a toy-lending library in Cameroon;
  • Sri Lanka: sealing floors at a center for disabled persons;
  • Chad: transporting medical beds;
  • Turkey: housing of victims of earthquakes;
  • Kosovo: accommodation of families of refugees in the Vosges;
  • Strasbourg: funding the retraining of a job-seeker in rehabilitation;
  • Alsace: paying rent for a farm hand so that he can avoid eviction;
  • Alsace: purchasing equipment adapted for a teenage boy with a disability.


Entraide-Solidarity does not assist with large projects carried out by reputable associations or projects of a commercial, political or religious nature.

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