Every month, the Entraide-Solidarity association receives several requests for aid. Regardless of the location, we help people in difficulty living close to us, but we also work in more remote countries through our humanitarian projects (see our actions).

While the requests for help keep on increasing, our financial resources remain the same or even decline.

We would like you to take a closer look at our association, which, more so today than ever before, relies on your contribution, however small it is, whether it is a human one (by becoming a member of our Bureau) or a financial one (by becoming a regular, or an occasional benefactor).

We need you, please come and join us.

About us

Description of the Association

The Association Entraide-Solidarity, under the patronage of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, is ruled by articles 21 to 79 of the local Civil Code (Alsace-Moselle) and since 23 may 1985 is inscribed in the Registre des Associations (volume 49 folio n° 21) at the Strasbourg Tribunal d'instance.

The Association is made up of actual or retired members of staff of the Council of Europe. Its funds are made up of their subscriptions and gifts, often monthly or periodic and of specific collections made at the time of often dramatic events, such as earthquakes or other catastrophes.

The work of the Association is run by a Committee made up of actual and retired staff members.

  The Entraide-Solidarity association Statute [FR]


The Bureau

The Bureau is composed of the following members: Artashes Melikyan (President), Anita van de Kar (Vice-President), Delphine Weisshaupt (Secretary), Despina Tramountani (Treasurer), Carole Spiegel (Webmaster), Thobias Bergmann, Odile Gebharth, Marie-Claude Leroux, Sonia Le Vallois, Claudia Montevecchi, Maria Ochoa-Llido and Yannick Troadec.

The Bureau manages the Association's funds, decides on which projects to support and allocates funds.

The members of the Bureau consult and meet on a regular basis.