Help to an Orphanage in Nepal

[December 2018] Entraide-Solidarity took part in the project of the Association "Namasté - Children's House" for a new fridge and kitchen furniture as well as tables of an orphanage in Mahendranagar, a city located in the west of Nepal in a very humid area. The sum of €1489 was allocated for the purchase of this equipment.

Herewith the pictures:




Supplies for a school in Togo

[December 2018] The C.I.E.LO Association applied for a grant for a project dedicated to manufacture a part of the 50 double desks to equip the 3 classrooms of the Tahé school in the Togolese city of Tabligbo. The Association Entraide-Solidarity granted the sum of €1500 to this project.

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A Cistern in Madagascar

[November 2018] The Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence appealed to the generosity of the Association Entraide-Solidarity to finance the building a cistern to collect rainwater in order to supply the dispensary, the school, the village and the house in Madagascar. The sum of €1500 has been paid to complete this project.

2018 Raffle

[September 2018] During the traditional Council of Europe Amicale’s back-to-work party which took place on 21 September, the Entraide-Solidarity Association organised a raffle which raised the sum of €1,187.

This sum will enable us to support future humanitarian projects. The Entraide-Solidarity Association warmly thanks its partners and participants who contributed to the success of this event.

50 mattresses for a children's village in Tibet

[September 2018] The association "Pour Toi Du Monde" called on our Entraide-Solidarity association to help to finance the replacement of the mattresses of the children's village of Gopalpur in Tibet.

50 mattresses for a total of €1887 were financed.


  Pictures of the mattresses

  Thank you from "Pour Toi Du Monde"

Construction of two buildings for the mentally ill in Burkina Faso

[June 2018] The Development Association in Burkina Faso also named the "Saint Véronique" called on the generosity of the Entraides-Solidarity Association  to help to finance a project which aims to build two buildings for the housing and care of the mentally ill.

The sum of €1896 was allocated to this project.




Solidarity project in Madagascar

[April 2018] The Entraide-Solidarity association supported the Centre Socio-Culturel de Langensand in Haguenau in order to help a solidarity project in Madagascar from 15 October to 10 November 2017.

See attached the results of this action:

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