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Outcome of Macha'k Wayra association

[February 2020] In 2019, Entraide-Solidariy supported the project of the Association Macha'k Wayra.

Today, we are happy to share with you the outcome and beautiful achievements. The association has equipped the socio-cultural center and organised various activities. Thus the children of Santiago de Machaca could follow cooking, arts and crafts and sports workshops several times a week throughout the year.

 Outcome (in French)



A fish pond in Madagascar

[December 2019] The Association Education, Development & Plus (ED+) required the help of Entraide-Solidarity to finance a project to set up a fish pond in order to improve the weekly food ration for 300 young people in Madagascar.

The sum of €500 was granted for this cause.

 ED Plus Foundation website for more information

ED Plus Facebook page

Sewing machines in Sierra Leone

[June 2019] Entraide-Solidarity was pleased to take part in the project to promote the situation of women in need in Sierra Leone by providing them with sewing machines and teaching them how to use them to earn a living.

The sum of 1,150 € was donated to the association "Adonkia Community Adults Educational Trust".

Socio-cultural activities in Bolivia

[January 2019] The Macha’k Wayra - Synergie Bolivie Association applied to Entraide-Solidarity for the grant of materials, workshops and books for a library dedicated to socio-cultural activities for children in Bolivia (Gal. José Manuel Pando - Department of La Paz).

The sum of 1500 € was allocated for this cause.

 More details about the project