Supported projects Supported projects

Schooling of 300 Bolivian children

[December 2016] The association Entraide-Solidarity received a request of support from Voix Libres. This humanitarian association helps children in difficulty in Bolivia by empowering them so that they become the authors of their projects, which guarantees a common and lasting commitment. Entraide-Solidarity decided to support the project of Voix Libres to save 300 children from working in the mines in Potosi, where they risk their lives every day, by allowing them to go to the Roberto school. The project consists of financing 300 school bags of school supplies for one year and a book of fairy tales.

A contribution of €3,000 was made to this project by the association Entraide-Solidarity.

Renewal of support to the Humanitarian Association Council Europe

[December 2016] This year the Entraide-Solidarity association is once again supporting one of the Humanitarian Association Council Europe (A.H.C.E.) project by subsidising the transport of computer equipment to a school in Burkina Faso.

This contribution amounted to €200.

Useful holidays

[December 2016] Since 2000, the association Mano a Mano has been organising "Useful holidays"; 2 months of outside school activities during the summer break dedicated to children from the slums of Ensenada, near Lima, Peru.

And since 2015, the Entraide-Solidarity association contributes to the project. This year, the association paid the sum of €2162 corresponding to equipment for the organisation of workshops on art and gardening, hygiene and educational equipment.

Funds raised at raffle

[October 2016] During the Council of Europe Amicale’s back to work party which took place on 30 September, the Entraide-Solidarity Association organised a raffle which raised the sum of €572.25.

This sum will enable us to support future humanitarian projects. The Entraide-Solidarity Association warmly thanks its partners and participants who contributed to this event.

The Educational Farm

[June 2016] "Eat well, study well, grow-up strong to become a responsible, independent citizen respectful of the environment", this is the objective of the TER Mada project in Madagascar supported through the development of the Paulins orphanage's vegetable garden and the building of an educational farm in Ambatomirahavavy.

To support this project, the Entraide-Solidarity Association has paid the sum of €1508 to purchase of school supplies for the 104 children of the Paulins orphanage.

Money Collection

[May 2016] Entraide-Solidarity supports this action of HelpAlliance is an association of Lufthansa staff which, thanks to their presence in many countries, raises money to fund projects in developing countries.

The banknotes and coins which remain in your pocket after returning from a trip abroad and are useless to you can change the life of someone in need.

Where to deposit:

Palais: Delphine Weisshaupt - Office 6050
Agora Building: Anita van de Kar - Office B4.08.V.
D Building: Bettina Oberlin - Office DA0 09
EDQM : Yannick Troadec - Office MA1 109

Inhabitants of Neuhof in Barcelona

[April 2016] As part of its local actions, the Entraide-Solidarity Association has been asked to help young people from difficult neighborhoods to participate in a football tournament in Barcelona. After several actions, the Football Club of the Cercle Sportif (Sports Circle) in Neuhof managed to collect almost all of the necessary amount. To reward their efforts, the Entraide-Solidarity Association has paid €800 of the shortfall so that this initiative can be carried out.

Logotherapy for Rwanda

[March 2016] The Entraide-Solidarity Association has supported the humanitarian Association Modeste et Innocent. This Association aims to promote peace and reconciliation in Rwanda by seeking durable and non-violent solutions for the problems of conflict and violence that have devastated the Rwandan society.

A contribution of €1,500 was paid to finance the logotherapy training of Ms. Mukayitasire, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Association.

Treatment of 50 women suffering from prolapse in Ethiopia

[February 2016] The Entraide-Solidarity Association is funding a project to finance the screening program and treatment of fifty Ethiopians suffering from a descent of the uterus or vagina (prolapse). Operations are performed free of charge by volunteer gynecologists in the partner hospital in Ethiopia.

The amount allocated for this project covers the transportation and food costs for 50 patients during their stay in the hospital: €1,666.67.

How to help a family to solve their debts

[January 2016] The Social Services of Strasbourg called on our Entraide-Solidarity association to help a highly indebted mother.

After health problems, this mother with 4 dependent children, 3 of them living in Congo, their homeland, lost her job and was declared disabled worker in 2014. During the following winter, gas bills increased considerably due to a high energy consuming social housing. In the meantime, the Social Services have found a new housing to the mother who still has to pay more than 1000 euros to the gas supplier.

The Entraide-Solidarity association has decided to pay the amount of €1,000 in order to help her to start this year with one big financial problem less.