The No Hate Speech Movement aims to combat hate speech by mobilising young people to speak up for human rights and democracy online.

Launched as a youth campaign in 2013, the No Hate Speech Movement was co-ordinated at European level by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe until 2017. The movement continues across Europe and beyond through the work of national campaigns and campaign activists.


The movement seeks to reduce the acceptance of hate speech both online and offline, through human rights education and awareness-raising, youth participation and media literacy. It provides educators and campaigners with "Bookmarks, a manual on combatting hate speech through human rights education" and a Compendium of resources.

The movement mobilises young people so that they may report hate speech and cyber bullying to the relevant authorities and on social media channels. To enable young people to counter hate speech and foster alternative speech which promotes human rights and democratic values online, the Youth Department published the manual entitled "We CAN! taking action on hate speech through counter and Alternative Narratives".


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