MONEYVAL currently evaluates the following jurisdictions:

Member States of the Council of Europe that are not members of the FATF (Article 2.2a of the Statute) and Member States of the Council of Europe that become members of the FATF and request to continue to be evaluated by MONEYVAL (Article 2.2b of the Statute), currently:

Non-member States of the Council of Europe (Article 2.2e. of the Statute), currently: Israel;

  • The Holy See (including Vatican City State) by virtue of Resolution CM/Res (2011)5;
  • The UK Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man by virtue of Resolution CM/Res(2012)6 ;
  • The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar by virtue of Resolution CM/Res(2015)26.

In addition, two delegations are appointed by the presidency of the FATF from among two Member States of the FATF. Currently, these delegations are from Germany and the United Kingdom.

States and territories’ representatives in MONEYVAL are:

  • senior officials and experts with responsibility for regulation and supervision of financial institutions; 
  • senior officials in law enforcement and financial intelligence units;
  • senior legal experts from ministries of justice and/or judicial and prosecutorial bodies..