Within the scope of its mandate and its activities, MONEYVAL organises several types of trainings and workshops.

First MONEYVAL training of experts for the 5th round of assessments - Strasbourg, 3-7 November 2014

First MONEYVAL training of experts for the 5th round of assessments - Strasbourg, 3-7 November 2014

Evaluator trainings

Most significantly, MONEYVAL organises regular trainings for evaluators.

Evaluator trainings aim at forming national experts from the fields relevant for the purposes of MONEYVAL mutual evaluations (legal, financial and law enforcement) with the view of establishing a pool of experts qualified to participate at the mutual evaluations as evaluators.

The trainings contain presentations on the different requirements of the applicable international standards, as well as practical exercises.

Trainings are currently being organised for the evaluations of the 5th round and a higher focus is therefore put on the assessment of effectiveness of the implementation of the AML/CFT measures.

MONEYVAL organised a second 5th round evaluator training

9-13 March 2015

The seminar was held in Dilijan, Armenia, at the premises of the Central Bank of Armenia, with the kind support of the Armenian authorities.

On that occasion, 34 experts from 20 countries were trained, including one representative of the World Bank.

MONEYVAL held a successful evaluator training seminar in Strasbourg

3-7 November 2014

It was the first MONEYVAL training of experts for the 5th round of assessments. 
The seminar was attended by 28 experts from 21 countries and territories evaluated by MONEYVAL, as well as by a delegate from the World Bank.

March 2014

In March 2014, four members of the MONEYVAL Secretariat and four scientific experts attended a training seminar on the 2012 FATF Recommendations. The seminar was held in Moscow and was hosted by the Russian Federation. The training was conducted by members of the FATF Secretariat, the IMF and Michael Stellini from the MONEYVAL Secretariat. The aim of the seminar was not only to train future evaluators, but also to prepare representatives from FSRBs to conduct their own training seminars.

Country trainings for MONEYVAL’s 5th round of assessments

In the context of the 5th round of evaluations, which is based on a new set of revised FATF Recommendations and Methodology, MONEYVAL conducts a two day country training seminar for each evaluated country one year in advance of the on-site visit. The purpose of the training is to increase the knowledge of national stakeholders of the new requirements and enhance the understanding of the practical undertaking of the on-site mission. The seminar addresses all the main stakeholders in the public and private sectors and in particular those people who will be involved in preparing the materials to be submitted by the country and who will be interviewed on-site.