2020 - 2022 MONEYVAL Strategy

The 2020 – 2022 Strategy is central to MONEYVAL’s monitoring work in improving compliance of its members with the principal international standards to counter money laundering, the financing of terrorism and proliferation and the effectiveness of their implementation.

This Strategy sets out strategic objectives for a biannual period alongside a high-level workplan that will deliver the following strategic objectives:

Sustaining MONEYVAL’s monitoring and other activities;

Strengthening the capacities of MONEYVAL members by training its members on the FATF standards;

Enhancing MONEYVAL’s involvement in the global AML/CFT network;

Strengthening MONEYVAL’s political standing;

Increasing the resources in the MONEYVAL Secretariat.

As the ML/FT and PF risks and threats evolve, MONEYVAL will respond by continuing to inform its Strategy so that it can confidently lead and guide its Member States and Territories to a more coordinated and effective response to these risks and threats; by expanding its activity to new workstreams, MONEYVAL and its members need to stay one step ahead from perpetrators and efficiently adapt to challenging environments (e.g. blockchain era; post-COVID 19 period).

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