MONEYVAL's plenary meetings take place in Strasbourg (France) at the seat of the Council of Europe. The number of annual plenary meetings is three. MONEYVAL plenary meetings consist of delegations of its Member States and territories and two FATF Member States, as well as representatives of observer States, organisations and institutions or bodies, as foreseen in MONEYVAL’s Statute (please refer for further information to the section Statutory documents. Plenary meetings are presided by the Chairperson. 

Plenary meetings room

MONEYVAL 52nd Plenary session – Strasbourg, 6-9  December 2016

MONEYVAL’s Plenary is the decision taking body, it adopts mutual evaluation reports and reports on the progress undertaken, as well as other reports produced by the Committee (such as typologies reports, reports on the compliance of VTC schemes in Member States and territories and others). Plenary meetings are also a forum for sharing experience among participating experts, with presentations regularly provided on developments of the AML/CFT framework in the international context, on new initiatives developed by international organisations in this matter and others. These presentations are generally held by experts from the respective field of activity. 

For information dates of next MONEYVAL plenaries, please refer to the section Calendar.

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