Follow-up round
on-site visit: 3 - 8 March 2014

  Status Date Public document
Evaluation report Adopted (41st Plenary) 16/04/2015 Summary
Exit follow-up report Adopted (1st Intersessional Consultation 12/05/2020 Note by the Secretariat

Compliance Enhancing Procedures

  Status Date Public document
First Compliance report Adopted (50th Plenary) 06/04/2016 Report 
Second Compliance report  Adopted (51st Plenary) 22/09/2016 Report 
Third Compliance report Adopted (52nd Plenary) 30/11/2016 Report 
Fourth Compliance report Adopted (53rd Plenary) 18/05/2017 Note by the Secretariat
Fifth Compliance report Adopted (54th Plenary) 20/09/2017 Note by the Secretariat
Sixth Compliance report Adopted (56th Plenary) 3/07/2018 Note by the Secretariat
Seventh Compliance report Adopted (57th Plenary) 4/12/2018 Note by the Secretariat

Status of the Compliance Enhancing Procedures

Third Evaluation Round
on-site visit: 15-20 September 2008

  Status Date Public document
Evaluation report Adopted (29th Plenary) 17/03/2009 Summary
First Progress report Adopted (32nd Plenary) 16/03/2010 Report 
Second Progress report Adopted (38th Plenary) 5/03/2012 Report 
Third Progress report Adopted (40th Plenary) 7/12/2012 Report 
Fourth Progress report Adopted (43rd Plenary) 12/12/2013 Report 

 First Evaluation Round
on-site visit: 27 October - 2 November 2003

  Status Date Public document
Evaluation report Adopted (16th Plenary) 21/01/2005 Summary 
Progress report Adopted 6/07/2007 Confidential