First Seminar: 31 May – 1st June 2007, Strasbourg

The first seminar was intended for representatives of ministries of education and Roma educators from 11 Council of Europe member states. Its purpose was to

  • introduce the Curriculum Framework for Romani to practitioners and decision makers concerned with the teaching and learning of Romani in a variety of educational contexts
  • engage them in discussion of its possible applications
  • invite them to undertake small-scale pilot projects in preparation for a larger seminar in 2008.

 Report of the 2007 seminar 
Seminarosko Raporto


David Little:

Barbara Lazenby Simpson:

Second Seminar: 27-28 November 2008

The second seminar involved representatives of ministries of education and Roma educators from 17 Council of Europe member states. The purpose of the seminar was to:

  • receive reports of the pilot projects launched after the 2007 seminar;
  • to introduce a revised version of the CFR, two European Language Portfolios and a Teachers’ handbook to practitioners and decision makers;
  • and to discuss possible future actions.

 2008 Seminar Report
 2008 Seminarosko Raportaro

 2008 Seminar Programme (with links to presentations)
 2008 Seminarosko Programo

Complementary presentation : Présentation du Cadre curriculaire pour le romani à l’occasion d’une conférence sur les langues de scolarisation à Strasbourg (juin 2009) (available only in French)