Adult migrants

Concerned with offering support to authorities responsible for language training and assessment of adult migrants, the Council of Europe has set up a range of diversified resources and a programme to which member States had the opportunity to contribute.

The LIAM project offers background papers to support reflection and decisions related to policy, tools designed for trainers, teachers and testers, as well as reports on survey results and conferences, and various other resources.

 Adult refugees

In the context of its project on the linguistic integration of adult migrants (LIAM), the Council of Europe has developed a toolkit for those who provide language support to adult refugees.

The toolkit (a full website) is provided in 7 languages: English and French, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian and Turkish. It is composed of 57 tools and a range of other resources. Its use is not subject to conditions.

 Young migrants

From the perspective of social inclusion and social cohesion, the integration and education of children and adolescents from migrant backgrounds are among the most urgent challenges facing Council of Europe member states.

A range of resources has been developed to respond to these challenges. In a broader perspective they can also be used to enhance the educational experience of all learners