An instrument that supports the development of learner autonomy, plurilingualism and intercultural awareness.

The European Language Portfolio (ELP) was developed alongside the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is personal document in which learners can record their language learning achievements and intercultural experiences, and set learning targets related to the CEFR competence descriptors.


A website organised in two parts: development and use of the ELP

The ELP is an example of co-operation between the Language Policy Programme (Strasbourg) which developed the ELP and accredited and registered over 130 models, and the European Centre for Modern Languages (Graz) which has developed extended resources for its use and teacher training.

Developing an ELP

This part of the website explains the concept of the ELP, summarises its history, and provides detailed guidance and resources to support development:

Using the ELP

This section relates to the projects and resources developed by the European Centre of Modern Languages (ECML). It is addressed principally to language teachers as users of the ELP and offers, for example:

  • tools for teacher education
  • case studies of the ELP being used in different educational contexts
  • results of the 4 ELP projects on the implementation of the ELP (ELP-WSU; ELP_TT and ELP_TT2; IMPEL - ELP).


Dedicated website: