Empowering Inclusion: the new Language Support for Migrants Toolkit

Since 2007, the Council of Europe has been committed to advancing the linguistic integration of migrants, focusing on the essential language support they require to facilitate their inclusion in host country societies. Among various initiatives, the Council of Europe Education Department has developed a series of comprehensive resources organised into practical ‘toolkits’ tailored for teachers and volunteers engaged with migrants as part of its Language Policy Programme.

A recent milestone is the new “Language Support for Migrants (LSM) Toolkit” comprising 80 resources (or ‘tools’) designed for use with migrant learners of all ages. Accompanying this Toolkit is a Guide designed for training teachers and volunteers. This Guide summarises key topics relevant to LSM and suggests specific tools from the Toolkit that can be used in in-service and pre-service training programmes.

The Council of Europe is pleased to invite you to follow a one-hour webinar on 19th March (15:00-16:00 CET). During this session, Council of Europe experts will present the new toolkit and the Guide. One of the teachers involved in the piloting of LSM tools will share her firsthand experience of using the tools in her classroom.

To follow this webinar, please sign up here before 18.03.2024.

 Webinar Programme