Guide for the development and implementation of curricula for plurilingual and intercultural education

2016. Jean-Claude Beacco, Michael Byram, Marisa Cavalli, Daniel Coste, Mirjam Egli Cuenat, Francis Goullier, Johanna Panthier.
ISBN 978-92-871-8234-02016.

This Guide is designed to encourage the global, explicit and convergent consideration of the language of schooling and the other languages taught and used at school as well as the promotion of cross-cutting elements that help interlink the different kinds of language teaching. It proposes practical approaches to developing curricula, illustrated by scenarios and other devices.

Aimed primarily at persons in charge of curricula, it addresses all those involved in teaching. The Guide has two accompanying satellite studies:

 A curriculum perspective on plurilingual education. 2008. Jan van den Akker, Daniela Fasoglio, Hetty Mulder

 Assessment in Plurilingual and Intercultural Education. 2010. Peter Lenz, Raphael Berthele (available in Italian: La valutazione delle competenze plurilingui e interculturali)

The Guide contains three chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Curriculum, competences, and plurilingual and intercultural education provides a general picture of the issues and principles involved in designing and/or improving curricula, and of pedagogical and didactic approaches which open the way to fuller realisation of the general aim of plurilingual and intercultural education

The next two chapters look more closely at two basic questions raised in the first:

  • Chapter 2 Designing curricula for plurilingual and intercultural education discusses how the specific content and aims of plurilingual and intercultural education can be identified and integrated within the curriculum, while also respecting the specific content and aims of teaching individual languages.
  • Chapter 3 Elements for curriculum scenarios geared to plurilingual and intercultural education addresses how curriculum scenarios can be used to project the spacing-out in time of this content and these objectives.

Five appendices supplement the text on particular aspects and include references and tools. Other related documents are available on the Platform of resources and references for Plurilingual and intercultural education.


Other language versions of the Guide for the development and implementation of curricula for plurilingual and intercultural education:

French version: Guide pour le développement et la mise en œuvre de curriculums pour une éducation plurilingue et interculturelle

Italian version: Guida per lo sviluppo e l’attuazione di curricoli per una educazione plurilingue e interculturale. 2016

Slovak version: Príručka pre tvorbu a implementáciu plurilingválnych a interkultúrnych kurikúl. 2013 (translation of the 1st version 2010)