Patras Carnival: a cultural diversity “ship” welcoming everyone on board!

Patras Carnival and interculturalism share a strong bond throughout the more than hundred-year history! The Carnival is a tradition with deep roots in different cultural elements and characteristics, traditions, and cultures of different nationalities all over the world. Is this because the port of Patras is the gate to Italy and to the West (such as France) as well as to the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea? Is it because very many refugees from former Minor Asia found a shelter to settle, grow and express themselves? Is it due to the fact that many migrants from for example Russia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Nigeria, China and Latin America live in Patras, operate their associations and contribute to local development through their own cultures and potential? In fact, it is a combination of all these parameters and many more that makes the Patras Carnival a vivid showcase of cultural diversity as well as a platform for dialogue through art and co-creation!

It is true that Patras Carnival represents the "ship" of civilisations - the sea links people and ships helps them unite regardless of inequalities and discrimination, and sometimes, such a “ship” may even “save” their lives!

Patras Carnival is a cultural diversity "ship" (a flag“ship” for the city) that welcomes everyone on board and its entrance is for free! 

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