Setúbal is a municipality located in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley región of Portugal. The city is on the edge of the Setúbal peninsula, on the north bank of the Sado estuary, roughly 40 km south of Lisbon. Setúbal has a total area of 230,3km², divided into 8 civil parishes. The total population, according to the 2011 census, is 121.185. Most of the population is concentrated in the city itself, with 4 of the 8 parishes having a significantly lower population density.

Population diversity

87 different nationalities are present in the Municipality of Setúbal, according to the latest data available(2011). The foreign population of Setúbal totals 6 621, representing 5% of the population. The figures are in line with the Portuguese national pattern. These figures don’t take into account irregular migrants and those who have acquired Portuguese citizenship. After Lisbon, the Setúbal district has the highest number of regular migrants in Portugal.

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