The municipality of Salt has an altitude of over 83,7, it limits with Girona at East, thus creating a urban continuum and a densely-populated residential area. Its population has notably increased in the last years – from 22,472 inhabitants in 2001 to 31,630 residents in April 2018 (data from the register of inhabitants). The area of the municipality is of 6.56 squared kilometres. However, only half of this area is urban territory, being the other half a natural space of special protection known with the name of “Dehesas de Salt”, located between the Ter river and the ancient canal "Sèquia Monar", one of the oldest in Catalonia.

Population diversity

It is worth to highlight that in only 2 squared kilometres of residential use more than 80 nationalities live well together. Besides the Spanish residents, Salt has witnessed how the city has become a mosaic of cultures, as 37,5% of the population is of foreign origin. Among the main countries of origin, we underline Morocco (14,51), Gambia (4,94%), Honduras (4,71%), and - at a larger distance - Mali (2,6 %) and Rumania (2,09 %).

Despite the complexities and challenges derived from managing this social, cultural and religious diversity, there is a peaceful coexistence between communities. Nevertheless, the municipality’s commitment goes beyond that and aims at living together following an intercultural approach.

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