Transportation equity with green transport

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Some issues remain concerning public transit in Montreal, particularly in terms of universal accessibility, safety, social exclusion, and pricing. Over the next few years, Montréal will work with its public transit and shared mobility partners to continue to improve the access to sustainable mobility services in certain underserved and often disadvantaged sectors of the city.

The city will continue to work on the implementation of social pricing for regional public transit. It has already set aside the necessary funds in its budget to reduce public transit fares for seniors in Montréal by 50% and to offer free transit for children under 12.

Transportation equity in Montréal also includes universal accessibility to public transit for families and people with functional limitations. The development of Montréal's public transit system will improve equitable access to jobs and basic services. Over the next few years, the city and its partners will work to better understand this challenge in order to act more effectively in the most disadvantaged sectors of the city.

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