Bradford for Everyone or how to create a more inclusive city for all

8 December 2020
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@Bradford for everyone

@Bradford for everyone

Bradford Council is pioneering new ways to end segregation by bringing together people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds in schools, workplaces and shared public spaces.

Spearheading this effort is the innovative Bradford for Everyone programme, which serves both as a laboratory for new initiatives and ideas and as an engine to propel change. At its core lays the will to help people to better understand each other, respect one another and mix in the public and private arenas.

The programme carries out extensive and innovative research to better adjust its initiatives, by looking into the markers of integration and cohesion across Bradford’s constituency. Initiatives that work, as shown by a recent study identifying how previous efforts on intercultural integration and social inclusion have lessen the impact of Covid-19 in the local society proves.

Initiatives such as the Changing Places programme work in partnership with local enterprises such as Bradford College focus on building skills and on providing a support network for new arrivals, so to facilitate their integration in the community. One of such initiates is the Anti-rumours & Critical Thinking Strategy, inspired by ICC’s Anti-rumours methodology.

A very active and inspiring member of the ICC Network since its joining in 2019, the City of Bradford continues its efforts to achieve an inclusive society now also as a member of the Council of Europe Working Group on Intercultural Integration (GT-ADI-INT).

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