Klaksvík, located up in the north of the Faroe Islands, is a city started by combining small towns in the region and as a result, there is a deep-rooted local spirit of cooperation and community. Klaksvík is best known for its innovative industry, trade, schools and various services sprung from their own enterprise available to citizens.

New times equal new challenges and new opportunities. Now, as we are well on our way into the twentieth first century, Klaksvík continues to be an insoluble part of a globalized world, wherein borders are made more faint and wherein people easily relocate between countries. This is also visible in the growing diversity of residents in Klaksvík -approximately 121 foreign residents from 35 different countries in 2014. This diversity brings with it new and specialized knowledge, skills, as well as rich experiences, which will enrich and develop the Faroese society.

Klaksvík strives to create a city for everyone including residents from abroad and be able to tap into the potential of foreign residents who have much to offer to the rest of the community.

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