“Open Schools” – “We play together for Diversity!” in Patras (Greece)

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Patras, Greece
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“Open Schools” – “We play together for Diversity!” in Patras (Greece)

Children, their teachers and their parents embraced the action “We play together for diversity!” within the frames of “Open Schools” of Patras based on respect of the other.

The playgrounds of schools remained open at non-working hours for games and the messages of solidarity, friendship, human rights spread out in the air at Patras city centre.

The volunteers of Greek Guiding Association - Local Department of Patras, implemented interactive programes for children of 4-12 years of age (splitting them into three groups according to age) who, through tailor-made pedagogic games, had the opportunity to work on recognizing the feelings of others, to show empathy and to become aware of diversity.

Such activities are always greatly welcome by the Associations of Parents and the Associations of Teachers who support the whole effort and activate their school communities. A recent great example is “Stroubeio” primary school at the centre of Patras, a symbolic school with great history that became a pioneer in such activities. This spirit along with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the volunteers of Greek Guiding Association - Local Department of Patras, proved to be an effective combination for a successful outcome.

It is noteworthy, that regarding EWAR 2019, a series of events were implemented at the city of Patras (the above games action included), under the initiative “No child is foreign! Share your universe” that were designed through a participatory process involving thirty stakeholders in total, in the sectors of education, culture, sports, equality and civil society. The first time that such an initiative took place for revealing the values of “European Week Against Racism” was in March 2016 and since then, it has become an annual institution for Patras ICC networked local partners until today.

More precisely, the initiative is part of the local action plan for the integration of migrants that matches the objectives of Patras strategy for interculturalism and its activation as an ICC member. Furthermore, it is in line with the “Community Engagement” part of the ICC Index, since it achieves to apply a participatory methodology in practice, to involve stakeholders from various sectors, to attract the interest of the general public, to cultivate anti-stereotypes behaviors and to become an institution that everybody involved is proud of!

The action ““No child is foreign! Share your Universe!” is also linked with “ALDA: European Association of Local Democracy” and “UNITED” network as well as he European project “Shaping Fair Cities” being under implementation by the Municipality of Patras as project partner (DEAR -EuropeAid/151103/DH/ACT/Multi-4/LOT-4).

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