Back Outcome of the spring Session of the Conference of INGOs – Strasbourg (hybrid meeting), 8-10 April 2024

Outcome of the spring Session of the Conference of INGOs – Strasbourg (hybrid meeting), 8-10 April 2024

An exchange with the new Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr Michael O’Flaherty (link to speech) pledging to prioritise the defence of civil society, as well as the end of mandate activity report presented by the President were the highlights of the first part of the Spring session of the Conference of INGOs (CINGO) that took place on 8 April 2024.

The second part of the Session on 9-10 April was devoted to the election of the president, vice presidents and standing committee members, the final activity reports of the thematic committees coming to an end, and the approval of eight new committees to deal with:

  • Inclusive Territories, Environment and Health;
  • Rights of the Child in Europe;
  • Education for Democracy;
  • Human rights, democracy and artificial intelligence;
  • Interreligious and Interconvictional Dialogue;
  • Migration Issues;
  • NGOs as advocates for gender equality and women’s rights;
  • Sports and Human Rights.

The Conference also discussed elements for a strategy on gender equality, approved a communication on migration and the electoral context, and discussed the possible creation of a mechanism to identify and follow problematic trends regarding the civic space in Europe. In preparation of its new three-year strategic plan for 2025-2027 which will be adopted at the Autumn session, CINGO started a series of consultations; it thus held an exchange of views with:

  • Matjaz Gruden, Director for Democracy, who presented the possible implications of the Reykjavik summit for the future of cooperation between the Council of Europe and civil society
  • Mrs Tanja Kleinsorge, Head of Reykjavik Process and Environment Department, who briefed CINGO about the work of the new Department and Inter-Secretariat Task Force on the Environment.

For further information :

  CINGO homepage

  Council of Europe portal on civil society


Strasbourg 12 April 2024
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