The Conference of INGOs

“The Conference of INGOs has long provided a dedicated space in which civil society is both represented and better equipped to help ensure that international standards are understood and respected." - Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Marija Pejčinović Burićat, at her exchange of views with the Conference of INGOs in October 2020

As the representative body of the INGOs enjoying participatory status with the Council of Europe, the Conference facilitates the participation of organised civil society in the work of the Council of Europe. It serves as a platform where civil society can interact with the Council of Europe in the attainment of its goals.  It also promotes participatory democracy, active citizenship and freedom of association. 

The Conference of INGOs underwent a major reform in 2020 with the adoption of new Rules of Procedure.  The main aim of this reform was to make the Conference a lighter structure and more relevant to the Council of Europe. 

The Conference is governed in accordance with its Rules of Procedure and operates under the rules and mission of the Council of Europe according to Resolution (2016)3 of the Commitee of Ministers.  


The beginnings of the Conference of INGOs

40 years : A history of the Conference

Getting to know the Conference

An introduction for new representatives

Statutory documents of the Conference

Rules of Procedure of the Conference adopted on 16 December 2020

Code of Conduct adopted by the Plenary Conference on 10 April 2019

The Communication Charter adopted in January 2016

The Action Plan 2018-2021  adopted at the meeting of the Conference on 29 June

Road map for youth participation

Participation of the Conference of INGOs in Intergovernmental Steering Committees: Guidelines for Conference of INGOs’ Representatives to the Council of Europe Steering Committees

Guidelines on the organisation of a side event: information note on the organisation of side events