Plenary meetings of the Conference of INGOs

The Conference of INGOs holds two plenary meetings a year, during the January and June sessions.

The plenary meetings of the Conference are a platform for dialogue with the bodies of the Council of Europe and for exchange amongst its members. The Conference decides on policy lines and actions and adopts positions on fundamental issues which are sent in the form of Recommendations or Resolutions to other Council of Europe bodies, to other international or national institutions as well as to the media.

40 years : A history of the Conference

The Conference of INGOS adopted a Communication Charter in January 2016. The Action Plan 2015-2018 was evaluated at its plenary meeting in January 2018. The Conference has decided to organise a side event at each session, to treat a topical issue and to present the results of the work of its working groups to a larger audience: information note on the organisation of side events

Meeting documents are listed by year below: