The Compass training courses on human rights education are strategic national or regional activities for the development of competences of key multipliers for human rights education with young people.

The Compass national training courses are organised at the initiative of youth organisations or education institutions interested in introducing and developing the provision and quality of human rights education.

These courses are expected to contribute to processes and initiatives for human rights education at national level and to promote the role of non-governmental youth organisations as actors in the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.  

The courses are important both for the quality of the learning that they provide and for the potential that they have in promoting human rights education in the country or countries concerned.

The Council of Europe supports the programme of national training courses with:

  • Institutional support and recognition with the provision of educational materials, visibility of the activities in institutional Internet sites and documents; communication with publishers of Compass and Compasito translations and facilitating contacts with other national stakeholders
  • Educational support, by recommending or contracting a trainer(s) with relevant experience to be part of the educational team of the course, facilitating usage of the e-learning platform of the youth sector and promoting quality standards for education and training activities
  • Financial support in the form of grants when necessary to secure seed-funding or the feasibility of the activity.

The Compass national training courses are implemented in the framework of the Council of Europe “Youth for Democracy” programme 2022 and its priority to support young people’s access to rights.