Training Trainers in Human Rights Education with Children

Training Trainers in Human Rights Education with Children, 12 - 19 October 2008: Documentation of the course (Developing the competence of trainers to work on human rights education with children with a specific focus on using Compasito in non formal and formal educational contexts

ACTHRE – Advanced Compass Training in Human Rights Education (2006-2008)

ACTHRE was the long term training course of the Department to introduce e-learning as a key feature in the 3 years it lasted. Addressed to trainers who were already active on a professional or semi-professional basis, especially those who had attended one of the training courses for trainers in HRE, the course aimed to further the quality of training in human rights education with young people across Europe and consolidating and multiplying the achievements of the Human Rights Education Youth Programme from the European to the local level.

Other training courses

Other training courses organised by the Youth Department have made use of human rights education as their main pedagogical approach: