Since its introduction in 2002, the course Training of Trainers In Human Rights Education with Young People (TOTHRE) has marked the way human rights education is understood and practiced across Europe – notably by the impact of participants and their organisations in mainstreaming HRE at national and local level.

The course has a central place in the human rights education (HRE) Youth Programme. It prepares youth trainers and multiplies for applying, mainstreaming and disseminate human rights education approaches and standards at local, national and international level. The course also supports the quality and sustainability of training activities for human rights education at national level.

The Training of Trainers In Human Rights Education with Young People (TOTHRE) is held every second year, traditionally at the European Youth Centre Budapest.

 Training of Trainers In Human Rights Education with Young People (TOTHRE) 2023 

 Training of Trainers In Human Rights Education with Young People (TOTHRE) 2019-20

The latest edition of the course was built on the experiences accumulated and on the outcomes of the 3rd Compass forum and the Conference on the implementation of the evaluation the Council of Europe Charter on Education for democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE).

It addressed current global threats and challenges to a culture of human rights, including the climate crisis and its consequences. Links were made with the World Programme on Human Rights Education, especially in view of its 4th phase, which has a focus on youth. The course was deeply impacted by the Covid pandemic and could only be concluded in August 2021. This edition of the course was held in cooperation with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Aims and objectives

The training course supported the implementation of the Charter on EDC/HRE through building the competences of trainers to develop and apply quality human rights education activities with young people at national/local levels and to advocate for the further mainstreaming of human rights education in youth policy and youth work.

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