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The project of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe on Human Rights Education is a direct contribution of to the core mission of the organisation to promote and protect human rights.

The project – often referred to as Human Rights Education Youth Programme - aims to consolidate and support the role of non-governmental youth organisations and as actors in the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. It does so by combining the development and dissemination of tools and resources on human rights education and capacity-building activities for trainers, multipliers and advocates of human rights education as a human right.

The project was launched in 2000 with the aim to bring human rights issues in the mainstream of youth work and non-formal learning practice. It has been built around Compass, the manual for human rights education with young people, along with European training courses, support to national and regional training courses, pilot projects and study sessions carried out by youth organisations. Other educational materials were added to Compass, such as Compasito, Gender Matters, Charter for All! and the Enter Dignity Land! Game on social rights.

Other key elements include at European level the regular European Training for Trainers in Human Rights Education (TOTHRE), study sessions organized together with international non-governmental organisations and Fora and other activities such as seminars and conferences.

The programme is very active and visible at national level through the support of non-governmental youth and human rights initiatives in translating Compass and other educational materials in local languages and in organizing National Training Courses for Trainers and Multipliers in Human Rights Education as well as local human rights education projects (some supported through the European Youth Foundation).