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Compasito training courses

By bringing together young educators, activists, and multipliers, the Compasito training course aimed to motivate and develop the capacity to implement training or education activities on human rights education.

The Compasito training course was targeted towards those who work with human rights education with children (directly or indirectly) with practical tools with which to discuss values and social issues with children. The training course was based on the third edition of Compasito.

Like other human rights education activities of the Council of Europe, the methodology of the course built on dialogical learning, active participation and cooperative learning. The programme and methods were based on the combination of learning about, learning through and learning for human rights (and children’s rights).

The training course was organised by the Youth Department in close co-operation with the Children’s Rights Division of the Council of Europe. It was also part of the programme of the Hungarian Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

 Objectives of the course

  • To strengthen participants’ understanding of the key concepts and approaches of human rights education and non-formal education methodologies with young people and children
  • To develop participants knowledge of the normative framework of children rights, with a specific emphasis on the standards and mechanisms of the Council of Europe
  • To enable participants to autonomously use the Compasito manual as trainers or educators, adapt its content and methodologies when needed and disseminate it in their local context/organisation/institution
  • To enable participants and their organisations to further develop and implement quality human rights education activities with children and act as multipliers
  • To support the implementation of the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education by stakeholders in the children and youth policy areas and reinforced the role of human rights education in the strategies of the Council of Europe on the Rights of the Child and for the youth sector
  • To promote synergies and cooperation among advocates and activists for children’s rights and human rights education through youth work and non-formal learning.

 Profile of participants

Compasito has been designed, above all, for educators and trainers working with children. This training course is targeted towards those who are able to act as multipliers in human rights education with children (directly or indirectly) such as:

  • trainers or facilitators in non–formal education, especially within youth organisations and associations and in other NGOs or youth centres concerned with human rights education with young people and children
  • teacher trainers or educational staff with a multiplying role within formal education systems interested in introducing non-formal learning methodologies in their human rights education activities
  • educators working directly with children, interested in introducing human-rights education into their activities with children
  • youth workers, activists or volunteers experienced in and intending to act as trainers and advocates for human rights education with children.