Partner: Association (KobieTY)

Human in YOUnity

22 - 26 MAY 2023 Łódź, Poland

This training course aims to support participants in developing their abilities to respond to violations of human rights and promote a culture of human rights within their environment and taking into account the specific realities of Poland. Objectives: To create an environment where...

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Partner: Donetsk Youth Debate Centre

Compass for EDC/HRE in formal, non-formal and informal learning

20-24 JULY 2023 Slavske, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

This training course aimed to train a group of multipliers in Ukraine to conduct Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE) in formal, non-formal and informal educational settings and to promote Compass educational approaches. Objectives: To develop competences of...

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Partner: Development center Pangeya Ultima

Rural Human Rights Camp


This training course aims to share information for youth activists from rural areas in Ukraine about human rights and their particular importance in war and post-war times based on the Compass activities.   Objectives: To provide information on human rights in general, as well as on...

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Partner: Association of citizens “Oštra Nula” Banja Luka

Human rights – Our rights

24 - 27 AUGUST 2023 BIJELJINA, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This training course aims to raise awareness and improve the competences of Bosnian young leaders, activists, and socially responsible citizens about citizenship and human rights education based on the Compass. Objectives: To develop young people’s abilities in understanding and applying...

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Partner: Le Foyer des Jeunes des Marolles

L'éducation aux droits humains avec les enfants

27 November – 1 December 2023 BRUSSELS, Belgium

This training course aims to encourage youth workers to apply human rights education and activities of Compass and Compasito in their work and projects for children's rights.   Objectives: To reinforce the interest of the participants and their organisation in the implementation of...

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Partner: ALDA - European Association of Local Democracy

Empowering young leaders for sustainable and inclusive communities

10 - 13 OCTOBER 2023 VICENZA, Italy

This training course aims to foster young citizens, youth workers, and other stakeholders' awareness of human rights education, citizens' engagement, and environmental protection through the Compass methodology. Objectives: To promote the role of youth leaders and youth workers as key actors in...

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Partner: Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice – Youth Centre Brežice

The Value of Human Rights Education

10 - 15 OCTOBER 2023 BREŽICE, Slovenia

This training course aims to raise awareness about and support the recognition of human rights education and to develop key competences of youth workers working in regional and national youth centres in Slovenia. Objectives: To develop competences (knowledge, skills, attitudes, values) on...

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Partner: AIFED - Asociación de Innovación Formación y Empleo para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Compass Followers

06 - 10 NOVEMBER 2023 GRANADA, Spain

This training course aims to introduce Compass through different non-formal activities with youth leaders and volunteers in Granada and Andalucia. Objectives: To educate young people to understand human rights through Compass and through the use of creativity and personal knowledge in an...

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