ECRI revised General Policy Recommendation No. 5 on preventing and combating anti-Muslim racism and discrimination - adopted on 16 March 2000 and revised on 8 December 2021

ECRI’s revised General Policy Recommendation No. 5 takes into account the trends observed over the last two decades. These include stigmatisation and discrimination in various areas of life as well as anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crime. In addition, hate speech targeting Muslims or persons perceived as Muslims has increased in print and broadcast as well as social media in Europe. The phenomenon of anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice is multi-layered and intersectional, and its manifestations are often prevalent in society, dispersing across institutional, political, social, and economic life. Hence, ECRI’s General Policy Recommendation provides comprehensive guidance to governments on addressing anti-Muslim racism and discrimination in four specific areas: policies and institutional coordination, prevention, protection, prosecution, and law enforcement.

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