ECRI General Policy Recommendation N°13 revised on combating antigypsyism and discrimination against Roma - adopted on 24 June 2011 and amended on
          1 December 2020 

ECRI’s General Policy Recommendation No.13 on combating antigypsyism and discrimination against Roma reinforces its General Policy Recommendation No.3, in response to a worsening of the situation of Europe’s Roma population. In this recommendation, ECRI calls on member States to adopt no less than 90 measures: on the one hand, to ensure the access of Roma to education, employment and other goods and services; and, on the other hand, to combat hate speech, racist crimes and violence against Roma, through both the application of criminal law provisions and preventive and awareness-raising measures. Finally, it emphasises that only a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to Roma issues, involving Roma representatives at all levels of policy-making (conception, development, implementation and evaluation) can enhance mutual trust and contribute to the fight against antigypsyism.

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