Workshop on Climate Change and Cultural Heritage 

14-16 May 2009, Ravello, Italy

The Council of Europe, in collaboration with the European University Centre for Cultural Heritage (CUEBC), organised a workshop on “Climate Change and Cultural Heritage”. The workshop took place in Villa Rufolo in Ravello, Italy from 14 to 16 May 2009.

The workshop was open to participants professionally involved in climate change and natural heritage matters - leading scientists, government officials and experienced users in the challenging field of predicting, modelling and proposing mitigation and adaptation strategies on the impact of climate change on cultural heritage.

The workshop provided the opportunity to debate the effects of changing climate parameters on material and structural characteristics of cultural heritage among scientists, end users and policy makers.

Participants drafted a recommendation on the impact of cultural heritage to climate change, which was adopted by the Committee of Permanent Correspondents of EUR-OPA Agreement in Dubrovnik in October 2009. Recognising that climate change is an important threat to cultural heritage, the Committee recommend to Member States, institutional actors, NGOs and experts different steps on how to better integrate climate change issues and prevision in protection and maintenance of cultural heritage.

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