Last updated on 05 January 2022

Susan Newman Baudais, in charge of this programme, and all the Project Managers are at your disposal to answer any questions by e-mail. The Fund's offices in Strasbourg are open though all staff members are partially teleworking.


I have a question regarding a project which I am intending to submit / have submitted for support for a deadline in 2022. Who should I contact?
Prior to application, please send an e-mail with your question to [email protected] or directly to one of the project managers if you are already in contact. If your project is an animation, documentary, or children’s film, please contact the specific project managers shown here.
Once the project has been submitted, and the application deadline has passed, you will be contacted by the project manager who will be dealing with your file.

Signature of Eurimages’ Support Agreements and other contractual documents
Eurimages Support Agreements and other contractual documents, such as the List of Deductions for projects supported prior to 2020, are now signed by electronic signature. Producers currently in the contracting and second payment phases should contact their project managers to find out how to proceed.

Validity of support decisions taken during 2020 and 2021
Further to a unanimous decision of the Board of Management of the Fund, all co-production support decisions taken during 2020 will have an extended validity of 20 months, instead of the usual 12 months foreseen in Article 4.4 of the Co-production Support Regulations. This means that projects supported during 2020 will now have 20 months, starting from the date of decision of the Board, to sign the Eurimages Support Agreement and commence principal photography.

Change to theatrical release requirements
Delegate producers of projects supported by Eurimages and whose theatrical release has been cancelled or indefinitely postponed due to the closure of cinemas, are asked to please note that the ‘force majeure’ clauses of the Support Agreement signed with Eurimages will apply. Therefore, Eurimages will, during this period only, accept other forms of presentation to the public, such as VOD, TVOD or d-cinema, in both majority and minority co-producing countries. Should your supported project be in this situation, please contact your Eurimages project manager by e-mail, who will advise you how to proceed.

Interruptions to principal photography
In the case of interruptions, provided the Eurimages Support Agreement has been or can be signed, release of the first payment of the Fund’s support can be made on presentation of a declaration confirming the start of shooting. The interruption will be considered as falling under the ‘force majeure’ clause of the Eurimages Support Agreement, and therefore accepted by Eurimages as a valid reason for the break in production. However, should production be definitively abandoned, producers are asked to inform without delay their Eurimages project manager by e-mail.

Can I send publicity material by post or courrier?
Yes, our offices in Strasbourg are open and publicity material, including DVDs, may be sent as usual.


For any questions regarding the Distribution Support Programme, please contact Claudine Nonnenmacher-Cancemi by e-mail.


For any questions regarding the Cinemas Support Programme, please contact Susan Norman-Fleck by e-mail.


Sergio Garcia de Leaniz and Nathalie Monteillet continue to deal with each of the activities of the programme, amongst which the Eurimages Awards and the partnerships: do not hesitate to contact them by e-mail for the follow-up of current files. You should note that promotion programme contracts are now signed by electronic signature. Eurimages Co-production Development prizes continue to be awarded, provided that the host event takes place either online or physically.


Agatha Stern is available for gender-equality strategy-related questions by e-mail.


Regarding repayment of co-production support, please proceed as usual and send your revenue statements to [email protected] . Questions can be sent to the same address.

Barbara Sturm-Lotz, Eurimages’ Royalties Officer, will contact you if and when necessary.

For questions on Collection Account Managements Agreements (CAMAs) or on revenue waterfall, please contact the relevant Eurimages project manager or Thierry Hugot by e-mail. Collection agreements can be signed digitally, as these systems are used by most collection agents. Eurimages can also make available its own secure electronic signature platform for signature of contractual documents if required.  Hard paper versions of the collection agreements can be signed at a later stage if required by other partners.


I have general questions about the functioning of the Eurimages Fund. Who should I contact?

Please send your e-mail to [email protected]