During the COVID-19 pandemic and due to restrictions imposed, more and more businesses switched their activities to the online environment, with their employees working from their homes. While in most business environments, methods of protection are in place to counter cyber threats, personal computers might not have the same level of compliance with Internet security rules, thus leaving their users defenceless against ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks have been in the last two years hitting hard targeting both personal workstations but also on critical infrastructure, exposing hospitals and medical facilities to the concentrated attacks of cybercriminals. The response of both judicial authorities and the private sector needs to be adequate to meet the challenges posed by this growing form of criminal activity. The workshop aims to provide recommendations on how to protect oneself against this form of cybercrime and provide the required tools to mitigate this threat. Another purpose is to determine how co-operation on ransomware can be further supported on Council of Europe level.

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