RomaniaCEPEJ Member: Violeta BELEGANTE

Ministry of Justice
Chef du service du droit privé
Direction de l'Elaboration des actes normatifs, des etudes et de la documentation
Ministère de la Justice de la Roumanie, BUCAREST
+40 37 204 12 04 ; +40 37 204 11 96, +40 37 204 11 95, vbelegan [at]

National Correspondent

Head of Service, 
European Affairs, 
International Relations and Programs Service
Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania     
 diana.epure [@]        

Pilot Court

Tribunal of Arges
Ms Mariana VARGA
Vice-President, Judge
Boulevard I.C Baratianu NR. 7, PITESTI
(+40) 762 269 386
mariana.varga [at]

Evaluation Exercise


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Recent developments in the judicial field

  • Romanian Rule of Law Reform: A Two-Dimensional Approach, by Martin Mendelski - January 2011
  • A debate is under way on the accountability of judges and prosecutors (legislative amendments imposing tougher penalties for serious disciplinary offences). A campaign against corruption in the judiciary has been launched (video clips). The codes of criminal and civil procedure are to be revised, including the juvenile justice system. Court decisions can now be accessed on line. All the Council of Europe recommendations in the field of justice have been translated into Romanian and circulated to the courts.

Organisational chart of the system of justice