logo AlbaniaOverall objective

The overall objective of the Project is to improve the efficiency and the quality of the public service of justice delivered to the Albanian citizens by the court system in accordance with European standards.

Specific objective

The specific objective of the project is to assist judicial authorities in developing an efficient court system, in line with the Justice Reform Strategy of Albania and European standards. This will be pursued through the application of the specific tools and methodology developed by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) and capacity-building of key players in the field of the judiciary and court staff.

Expected results

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of Courts and court proceedings are enhanced;
  • The status, organisation and professionalism of court staff are improved;
  • The quality of the public service of justice and courts is improved.

Main activities

  • In-depth assessment of the Albanian judicial system;
  • Extending the CEPEJ Court Coaching Programme on the SATURN Guidelines on judicial time management to all Albanian courts;
  • Improving the collection and analysis of judicial statistics for policy-making purposes;
  • Strengthening capacity of the High Council of Justice and Judicial Inspectorate;
  • Analysis of court organisation and court administrators’ capacity;
  • Review of the training modules for judges and court staff;
  • Capacity-building of the School of Magistrates;
  • Study visits of the Constitutional Court staff to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Court satisfaction surveys carried out in selected 10 Albanian courts, and court plans developed accordingly;
  • Improving the accessibility of the public to court decisions;
  • Improving the relationship between the courts and the media.

Project beneficiaries and stakeholders

Ministry of Justice, High Council of Justice, Judicial Inspectorates of the MoJ and High Council of Justice, School of Magistrates and Office for the Administration of the Judicial Budget, Office of the Prosecutor General, Constitutional Court, Bar Association; Courts targeted by the project, as well as judges and court staff working in these courts.

Project news Project news

Court Organisation and Court Administrators’ capacities in Albania: publication of the first exploratory study

10 May 2016 Tirana

An exploratory study to assess the current situation with regards to Court organisation and administrators’ capacities, their functions and responsibilities was conducted by a team of CEPEJ experts (Marco VELICOGNA, Scientific expert and Researcher at the Research Institute on Judicial Systems of...

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Publication of an analysis on the satisfaction survey of Albanian court users

21 April 2016 Tirana

A number of satisfaction surveys, which are aimed at court users, have been conducted in 10 Albanian courts. The outcome was the production of recommendations from the CEPEJ team of experts in order to outline an action plan which improves the quality of public service of justice and courts. The...

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Discussions on the Project Progress, Priorities and the ways forward in Albania

11 March 2016 Tirana

An event to discuss the “Project Progress, Priorities and the Ways forward” took place on 11 March 2016 in Tirana, Albania. The aim of the event was to bring together representatives of the Judiciary, academia, national and International Organisations to present and discuss Project’s progress to...

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