INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (Strasbourg, 24 September 2021)

The Council of Europe, through the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ), and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are organising this international event to provide an opportunity for member States, national authorities with specific expertise, international organisation, civil society representatives and stateless individuals to exchange views on how to maximize their role and successfully contribute to ending statelessness in Europe and guarantee the provision of fundamental rights set out in relevant international and regional treaties.

TECHNICAL MEETING OF EXPERTS (Strasbourg, 23 September 2021)

Prior to the international conference mentioned above, national experts, judges, civil society organisations, academics and stateless individuals will be invited on 23 September to exchange information, experiences and views and prepare concrete technical recommendations on how statelessness could be addressed in Europe in respect to the:

  • Identification of stateless persons and guaranteeing that their rights and protection needs are upheld.
  • Prevention and reduction of statelessness in Europe, including the possible consequences of childhood statelessness.


Videos of the event:.