In 2019, a working group of the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) will review the protocols and procedures used by member States (i) to determine, in cases where it is uncertain, the nationality of recently arrived migrants (in particular, children) as well as (ii) to resolve cases of statelessness, and identify:

  • Possible gaps and new challenges in this field;
  • Practical difficulties encountered by both national authorities and stateless persons;
  • Recent initiatives and practices undertaken in the different Member States in response to these difficulties and new challenges;
  • Ongoing initiatives by other key stakeholders;
  • Possible activities that could be carried out by the CDCJ within the framework of its mandate for 2019-2020.

The outcome of the group’s work will be presented and examined by CDCJ at its 94th plenary meeting (13-15 November 2019).


Ad hoc Meeting on Statelessness Determination Procedures (11-12 June 2019)

Announcing the meeting


Pointers for discussion

Background documents (bilingual)


Presentations and discussions during the Ad hoc Meeting on Statelessness Determination Procedures