London, 6-7 October 2008

Under the Swedish Chairmanship of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe organised a Conference "International Courts and Tribunals - the Challenges Ahead".

The Conference, held together with the CAHDI, which held its 36th meeting immediately after the Conference (7-8 October 2008) at the same venue.

The Conference provided a forum for an exchange of views between those who represent international justice on a daily basis and representatives of the governments which have initiated and established these bodies.

The aim of the discussions was to identify existing and to anticipate future problems for each of the conference topics and then to propose efficient remedies, drawing on national experience and that of the international judicial organs present at the event.

The coherent development of international justice can only be achieved by increasing and improving co-operation between the international courts and tribunals and states.

The Conference was restricted to the Legal Advisers to the Foreign Ministers of the Council of Europe's member states and to the Presidents, Prosecutors and Registrars of International Courts and Tribunals, namely:

Only the opening session was opened to the press.