Chair of the CAHDI 2021

Ms Alina OROSAN (Romania)

Director General, Department for Legal Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania


Vice-Chair of the CAHDI 2021

Mr Helmut TICHY (Austria)

Legal Adviser, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria


Rules applicable to the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the CAHDI

According to Article 12 of Appendix 1 to Resolution (2011) 24 of the Committee of Ministers:

Every committee shall elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. However, the Chairman of a committee answerable to a steering committee may be appointed by the latter.

The Vice-Chairman shall replace the Chairman if the latter is absent or otherwise unable to take the Chair. If the Vice-Chairman is absent, the Chairman shall be replaced by another member of the bureau, appointed by the latter, or where there is no bureau by a member of the committee appointed by the committee.

Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall require a two-thirds majority at the first ballot and a simple majority at the second ballot. In steering committees, the election shall be held by secret ballot, in other committees by a show of hands, unless a member of the committee requests a secret ballot.

Wherever practicable, the Chairman shall be appointed at the end of the meeting preceding expiry of the outgoing Chairman's term of office. Otherwise, he shall be appointed at the beginning of the meeting, in which case the Secretary General or his representative shall take the Chair temporarily.

The term of office of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman is one year. It can be renewed once.

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