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Kyiv, 6 and 7 December 2007
Regional meeting organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
European Seminar on the Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights

The Council of Europe has been working for over 40 years to harmonise policies and adopt common standards and practices in its member states in the field of family law. The Council has contributed in a decisive manner to the strengthening of the legal protection of the family, in particular the protection of the interests of children and has, notably, drawn up a large number of international instruments (Conventions and Recommendations) on this subject.

These standards have been used both to improve the legal systems of member states and as a basis on which to make proposals to individual States seeking to reform their systems of family law. At the request of the States concerned the Council of Europe has provided technical assistance to numerous States to assist them with their reforms concerning family law.
The international instruments which take the form of Conventions deal with matters such as adoption of children, children born out of wedlock, custody of children, exercise of children’s rights and contact concerning children. These Conventions which are binding on States which have accepted to be bound by their provisions, contain not only standards but in some cases provision for further co operation between States e.g. in the field of custody, the Convention Committee on the Custody Convention (T CC) and in the field of the exercise of children’s rights, the Standing Committee of the European Convention on the Exercise of children’s rights (T ED).


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