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  Country profile: Republic of MOLDOVA

CEPEJ Member


National Correspondent
Head of Directorate General International Relations and European Integration
Ministry of Justice
82, 31 August 1989 str.
/ 373 22 201 440
Chef adjoint de Direction
Ministère de la Justice
82 rue 31 August 1989
Tel: +373 22 20 14 31
Member of the Lisbon Network


Pilot Court
Ms Anastasia Paskari
Executive Director
National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova

Ms Cristina Godoroja
Consultant of the International Relations Section and Training of the Trainers
National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova

Ion Druta


Tribunal du secteur Botanica
Rue Zelinski, 13,
+37 32 22 536877

Evaluation Exercise
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Recent developments in the judicial field

CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic Co-operation Framework (PCF) 2015 – 2017, Theme II: Ensuring Justice, Thematic programme II.1.: Strengthening the independence and efficiency of justice, Action 4 “Strengthening the efficiency of justice and support to lawyers’ profession in the Republic of Moldova” / Component 1: “Strengthening the efficiency of the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova”

Eastern Partnership: Enhancing Judicial Reform in the Eastern Partnership Countries - Efficient Judicial Systems Report - December 2014  [English / Russian]

Report 1 of the Review of the collection of judicial statistics - Republic of Moldova (August 2014)  [English / Moldovan]

Report on “Efficient Judicial Systems in five Eastern Partnership countries” (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine) - March 2013

Recent developments in the judicial field

Organisational chart of the system of justice