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Nº 68 | Fall 2009

Global Education News is an electronic newsletter where national global education coordinators or practitioners can share global education news and best practices, useful thematic links and educational materials. It also serves as a medium for the North-South Centre global education network national coordinators' own use.

    Dear friends,

    November will certainly be the culminating point of the activities of the North-South Centre in the field of global education (GE): the Lisbon Forum, which will gather experts around the theme “Creating a culture of Human Rights through education”, will be followed by the Global Education Week whose topic for 2009 is “Food for All”. These events crown a year rich in activities. Indeed, 2009 will have been the year of the launching of the Global Education Guidelines as well as the launching of the online GE training course. It is also in 2009 that the programme promoting GE in EU new member States is launched, thus mobilizing stakeholders around GE national strategies. Lastly, it goes without saying that the enthusiasm for GE bears its fruits thanks to the motivation of the actors of the civil society and the many educators who work hard for a better comprehension and more reflexion around the future of our planet and of the societies which live in it. This same commitment which has bound all these stakeholders and partners to the North-South Centre for now 20 years. An engagement for a promising World for the generations to come.

    Meanwhile, we invite you to get acquainted to all these activities and explore in this newsletter global education related useful links (§3) and resources (§4) as well as interesting offers (§5) events, conferences (§6) and campaigns (§8).

    Wishing you a captivating and enjoyable reading!

1. News from North-South Centre of the Council of Europe & the Global Education Week network


2. Other news

    . SpeakOut—Debate:  What Now? The World Beyond the Crisis
    How should the world look after the global financial and economic crisis?
    A special high-level panel discussed the world post the global economic crisis last October 2, in Istanbul, Turkey–the site of this year’s Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund … more


3. Useful links

    . Facing History and Ourselves delivers classroom strategies, resources and lessons that inspire young people to take responsibility for their world. At the heart of its work is the resource book Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust and Human Behavior, which explores the consequences of hatred. Students all over the world see that their own daily choices can have major impacts and perhaps even be a critical link to a safer future.


4. Useful resources

Global Education Guidelines
The North-South Centre is happy to announce that the Global Education Guidelines, a handbook for Educators to understand and implement Global Education, is now available on-line. more...

    Council of Europe

    . Policies and practices for teaching sociocultural diversity - Concepts, principles and challenges in teacher education (2009) … more

    . Manual on hate speech (2009) … more

    . Manual on the wearing of religious symbols in public areas (2009) … more

    . Youth policy manual - How to develop a national youth strategy (2009) … more

    . European citizenship - In the process of construction - Challenges for citizenship, citizenship education and democratic practice in Europe (2009) … more

    . National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is pleased to inform about three recent publications on citizenship education :
    . Embedding citizenship education (CE) in secondary schools in England (2002-08)
    . Citizenship and values education to the rescue! A shared call to action by the Five Nations Network
    . Pupil assessment in citizenship education: purposes, practices and possibilities
    ... more about NFER and Citizenship Education publications details

    . Human Rights Education Associates latest publications:
    Human Rights Education in the School Systems of Europe, Central Asia and North America: A Compendium of Good Practice

    . FAO has published a "methodological toolbox" on the right to food, designed to provide countries, institutions civil society and other stakeholders with a series of effective instruments they can use to assert the right to adequate food as a basic human right.

    . Climate Change and Development- International Development Association (IDA) strategy

    . CIVICUS and MDGs Campaigning Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations engaged in the Millennium Development Goals - CIVICUS newsletter

    . Welcome to the first Newsletter from the Development Education Research Centre - DERC

    . DEEEP newsletter

    . Eco-Schools newsletter

    . TRIALOG Information Service (TIS) is addressed to NGOs and individuals who are interested in development issues in the context of EU enlargement.

    . UNESCO Education newsletter


5. Message in a bottle

    Sharing good practices

    . Millennium Development Goals tool kits in Portuguese - KITS ODM - Objectivos do Milénio, OIKOS

    Calls / training courses

    . Human Rights Education Associates – HREA - Distance Learning Programme

    . Nonviolence Education & Training
    Nonviolence training provides civil society organizations with essential peacebuilding skills and concepts. These skills and concepts focus on ways to increase social mobilization and countervailing power. Nonviolence training aims to empower marginalized groups so that they can assert their rights, create their own opportunities, and access resources.
    Call for applications for Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Balkans, Caucasus and the Pacific.
    IFOR Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) will support nonviolence trainings during 2010, by providing financial support, links to trainers and resource people, and/or training materials.
    Learn more at:
    Deadline: November 30, 2009 (for projects that will be conducted after February 2010 and before September, 2010)
    Download the 2010 Call for proposals here.
    To download the list of criteria click here for a version in English, French, or Spanish.
    To download the application format, click here for a version in English, French or Spanish

    . Call for applications
    Course 8E10: Introduction to Human Rights Education
    3 February-20 April 2010 | Application deadline: 1 December 2009
    Course instructor: Felisa Tibbitts … more

    . What does justice look like after genocide? Can the rule of law be a tool for prevention?
    Join Facing History and Ourselves to explore these questions.
    Free Online Workshop for Educators:
    The Reckoning: Understanding the International Criminal Court
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009, … more

    . International Human Rights Law Short Course, by the Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham … more

    Request of partnership

    . E-consultation for the 2009 Global Forum for Migration and Development
    Young People We Care (YPWC), with support from TakingITGlobal and UNICEF Voices of Youth, organied an E-Consultation in preparation for the 3rd Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) taking place in the Greece in November 2009. The 4-week E-Consultation - from Sunday, 27th September to Saturday 17th October 2009 – collected youth responses to a variety of migration-related questions. It seeked to substantively include young people in migration debates as well as to influence migration polices that work in the interest of young migrants. The GFMD has become one of the principal international spaces in which governments discuss migration and development policy, an area that crucially affects opportunities for young people. For more information visit:

    For more information please contact the Project Coordinator, Lindsay Bayham at:

    Job opportunities


6. Events

    . First School of Sustainable Development at the University of Rijeka, Croatia … more


7. Special Sustainable Development


8. Campaigns