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2014 North-South Prize


The North-South Prize has been awarded every year since 1995 to two candidates who have stood out for their exceptional commitment to promoting North-South solidarity.
The candidates, preferably a man and a woman, must have distinguished themselves in the following areas: protection of human rights, defense of pluralist democracy, public awareness raising on issues of global interdependence and solidarity, and strengthening the North-South partnership. (More)

  The 2014 North-South Prize
The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe announces the award of the 2014 North-South Prize to Sr. Maura Lynch and Mr. André Azoulay

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The Directorate of Communication has launched a new initiative that aims to improve understanding of the Council of Europe's work and policies among our partners and stakeholders, including the media, in our member States and beyond. Each Friday, a weekly review of news and views from the Council of Europe "JOURNAL" is posted in the Council of Europe's Web TV.

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