Global Education Youth Training of Trainers plants seeds for cooperation

TrainingofTrainers 5th MedUni
Participants of the Global Education Youth Training of Trainers conceived four projects to promote the concept of global development education and raise awareness among local communities and other citizens about the UN's 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development. After being trained on various non-formal education participative methodologies, the representatives of 19 different civil society organisations were divided in small groups to develop concrete projects.

The Global Education Youth Training of Trainers is oriented towards youth multipliers and carried out by the North-South-Center of the Council of Europe as part of the iLegend | Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue co-funded by the Civil Society and Local Authorities Programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

Hear my story”.
The “Hear My Story” project is aiming at building bridges between young people in Europe and people with migration background through storytelling. It wants to strengthen the inclusion of those who are coming from many different countries and currently living in Europe. Five participants coming from Spain, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, and Turkey developed the project.
The project consists on a training for trainers (ToT) to a group of selected young people from their respective organisations. Participants will be trained on skills to facilitate meetings between youth and people with migration background at the local level.
Within the project, migrants will have the opportunity to share their stories, experiences, and feelings with the audiences. Those stories can be about their journey to Europe or about their life experiences in the origin or host country.

Euro-Maghreb Cooperation Equality”
Six participants from Algeria, France, Ireland, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Tunisia developed the “Euro-Maghreb Cooperation Equality” project to address inequality and discrimination across the Euro-Med region. The project starts with an international competition, open to applicants from the home countries of the participants. The winner of the competition will receive funding to launch his / her idea to tackle inequality in society. Participants who developed the project are now going to pursue their collaboration to finalise the structure of the competition.

Teach(er) for Future” project"
 “Education is the most powerful tool to change the world”, said Dimitra Missira, a 27-year-old Greek citizen living in Austria. Dimitra and two other participants from Slovenia and Azerbaijan developed a training course for teachers on using global education tools to promote social rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Teachers from each one of the three above mentioned countries will attend a seven-day training session about social rights and Sustainable Development Goals. The project includes a follow-up period of six months during which teachers will work on promoting social rights and Sustainable Development Goals in their schools.

Raising awareness about Sustainable Development Goals
Five participants coming from Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Egypt, and Tunisia developed the fourth project, presented during the sixth and last day of the Global Education training. The project will raise awareness among local communities in the five respective countries about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will continue to collaborate after MedUni for the implementation of these ideas in their own organisations.

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