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    Foundation Palestinian headquarters city of Hebron and works in all the governorates of the West Bank, was founded in 2005 and operates in the field of youths and development.

    Letter Corporation

    Development of civil institutions in order to contribute to the rebuilding of Palestinian society through the activities, projects and programs.


    - Give our civil institutions the opportunity to play a driving role in building society.
    - Promote the idea of participatory projects creating cadres.
    Capable of managing and directing the work of the civil institutions
    - To develop and activate rural institutions.
    - deepening sense of belonging and tender to the homeland.
    -exchange of experiences and networking at the local level and national level.


    Our work on the development strategy based on the needs and experiences of the civil institutions and working to strengthen the delivery of its services to all citizens in Palestine


    - Our policy and planning to reduce the gap between grassroots institutions and large enterprises.
    - Design programs and activities based on the needs of target groups.

- To strengthen cooperation and networking between civil institutions and government.

    - Strengthening the capacity of workers and volunteers in the civil institutions.

    Action Plan 2008/2010

    To achieve the objectives of the Centre and on the basis of strategic planning workshop in which the administration and the crew and the volunteers at the Centre has been identified following programs:

    First: youth program and democracy

    This program aims to youth development in the area of democracy and promote the concept of dialogue and respect for differences of opinion and targeting young people through the following projects
    1. Youth Project moving
    2. Civic education project
    3. democracy guardians project
    4. volunteers Network Project
    5. youth clubs project

    Second: The Community Development Program

    This program aims at reducing unemployment and poverty and marginalized groups engaging in sustainable development and achieve its objectives through the following projects
    1. fight poverty project
    2. Project to strengthen the role of women in home economics
    3. home gardens using gray water project

    Third: human rights program

    this program aims to reduce child labor and a squadron of schools and early marriage for women and the interruption of their education achieve these goals through the following projects
    1. Youth training project on human rights, tolerance and dialogue
    2. Schools Network Project for Human Rights

    IV: women's program

    program aims to strengthen the role of women in society through the implementation of activities in the field working on the formation of the activities of pressure towards combating violence against women and sharing positions of leadership and, through
    1 no to violence against women project
    2. empowerment of women in politics project
    3. influential women project

    V. Child Program

    And achieve its objectives through
    1. mental health and social project
    2. Strengthening the role of mother in dealing with the child in time of crisis

    VI: housing program

    And achieve its objectives through
    1. Housing Sector Development Project
    2. Rehabilitation of houses with special needs

    The Projects That Have Been Implemented

The Project Name

Targeted Group


Implementation sites

Rational Management of the Civil Institutions in the Governorate of Hebron

27 Foundations Eligibility

Temporary international presence in Hebron (TIPH) (222444502)

Hebron governorate

Enhance youth participation and democracy Project

University students

Islam manasra

Hebron governorate

Development of Rural institutions Project

60 Rural Institutions

British Development Agency
Noh manasra

Hebron and Bethlehem governorates

Mental and Social Health Project

30 Schools

The Canadian International Development Agency
Khaldoun Abu Ayyash


Hebron and Bethlehem governorates

Development of the Housing Sector Project

500 Poor Families

Corporation for Development (CD)
Raed Ananias


Civilizations Dialogue Project

36 Eligibility Foundation

in collaboration with the Palestinian Center for Studies and the Dialogue of Civilizations
Walid al shomali

Bethlehem governorate

School Bags Projects

300 Students

in partnership with Human Appeal
Noah manasra


Warm Winter Project

110 Families

in partnership with the Palestinian Authority for Pharmaceutical Industries
Dr. Izz ELden abu orqob


Jordan Valley Project

60 Farmers

Nasser Abu al-Hajj

Jericho governorate

Identify The Needs of Schools and kindergartens

110 Schools and kindergartens

World Food Program
Reem al dirbashi

Hebron and Jericho governorates

Project to strengthen the rule of law culture among youth

500 young man and woman

Ibraheem bsharat

Hebron governorate

project of mental and socisal health

80 ladies

TIPH /022224445

Hebron/ old town

Computerized Management

80 marginalized women institution

computer aid international \
samia ziedan

hebron governorate

Schools for democracy

5 schools

Life link school friendship \ Sweden

Hebron governorate

Solar cooking project

100 women and youth

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International

Hebron governorate

    The References:


Job Title


Director at UNDP

Ibrahim bsharat

Project MEBI \ American embassy

Bernaba ghanim


Director at USAID

Nasir abu alhag

Chairman of dentists in Palestine

Ahmad amer

    Social background:

    Hebron governorate

    Hebron governorate is considered as the biggest in Palestine in terms of the population, where its population is 735,000 people, it is about the third of the Palestinian lands.
    It is the poorest where the percentage of poverty in it is 63% specially within the weak sector which is the youth and women, who are the foundation for all the Palestinian center for communication and development studies activities, I addition to all what mentioned it is the less fortunate from the donors .
    This governorate which the Israeli apartheid wall severed most of its lands and made its farmers unemployed.
    This governorate is also divided between tow authorities the Palestinian and the Israeli because in addition to the Palestinians there is a couple hundreds of settlers live in settlements inside it.
    Those settlers have taken all the water resources leaving the Palestinian in suffer and misery, all these situations made it a place for all kinds of misery, tension and conflict, which affect in a negative way on the economical, political, and social situations especially for the targeted groups (youth and women).
    Therefore, our role in the Palestinian center for communication and development studies is to devote our collective efforts to reduce poverty between the youth and women, enhancing their rule in the society to protect them from Inclined towards violence and extremism.