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    Launching event for promoting global development education in the new EU member States

    23-24 March 2009
    Budapest, Hungary


Global education aims at raising awareness and at strengthening citizens’ capacity to take action, advocate for their rights and take part in the political debate at local, national and international levels for social justice and sustainable development. It encourages learners and educators to work cooperatively on global issues and it enables citizens to understand the complex realities and processes of today’s world and to develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills, which will allow them to face the challenges of an interconnected world. Sharing this vision, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and the European Commission have agreed to combine their efforts – as European key players in this field – to promote global education and youth action in Europe and beyond.

To this end, the two institutions have signed a joint management agreement on 28 November 2008 that aims at contributing to the efforts of the international community to strengthen public understanding and critical support for development cooperation, and for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, through key stakeholders in the field of global education. The project is based on two main pillars, i.e. the ambition to strengthen global education in the new Member States of the European Union and, secondly, the promotion of Africa-Europe youth cooperation in the context of the EU-Africa Strategy – and targets mainly civil society actors and local authorities.

In the frame of this Joint Management Agreement the North South Centre is co-organising with HAND-Hungarian NDGO platform and CONCORD/DEEEP the
launching event for promoting global development education in the 12 new EU member States.

Please find herewith all related background information :





§ NSC-EC Joint Management Agreement

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